DFO StaffResearch group on Sable Island

ball Dr. W. Don Bowen - Research Scientist
ball Dr. Cornelia (Nell) den Heyer - Biologist
ball Sean Smith - Technician

Post-doctoral Fellow

ball Damian Lidgard

Current Students (supervised or co-supervised)

ball Jenny Weitzman (Honours) - Causes and consequences of breeding dispersal in grey seals.

Former Students


ball Wade Blanchard - Inference on the diet composition of predators using fatty acid signatures: An application of Bayesian inference on linear mixing models.
ball Shelley Lang - Ontogeny of lactation performance in grey seals.
ball Greg Breed - State space modelling of movement in a large marine predator: The grey seal.
ball Strahan Tucker - Sources of variability in diets of northern phocids using stable isotopes and QFASA.
ball Debbie Austin - Modelling spatial and temporal scales of foraging in grey seals.
ball Margi Cooper - Experimental validation of quantitiative fatty acid signature analysis (QFASA).
ball Carrie Beck - Sex differences in the foraging ecology of a size-dimorphic marine carnivore.
ball Monica Muelbert - The influence of size at weaning on the transition to nutrition independence in the harbour seal: Is bigger better?
ball Dave Coltman - Phenotype and mating success of male harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) at Sable Island, Nova Scotia.
ball Sara Ellis - Maternal effects on offspring traits from birth to weaning in the harbour seal.


ball Susan Heaslip - Using animal-borne cameras to study the foraging behaviour of large marine predators.
ball Tyler Schulz - Evolution of maternal strategies in pinnipeds using phylogentically independent contrasts.
ball Dan Tully - Analysis of foraging behaviour of adult male harbour seals using animal-borne video data: Effects of prey type on tactics and profitability.
ball Brian Walker - Mass changes and feeding behaviour of subadult and adult male harbour seals, Phoca vitulina, during the breeding season.
ball Monica Muelbert - Weaning and post-weaning changes in body mass and body composition of harbour seal pups, Phoca vitulina, on Sable Island.
ball Kathy Glazebrook - The use of ultrasound and isotope dilution to estimate body composition and food intake in pregnant and non-pregnant captive harbour seals (Phoca vitulina concolor).
ball Peter Ross - Immunocompetence of free-ranging harbour seal (Phoca vitulina) mothers and their pups over the course of lactation.
ball Donald Benoit - Feeding ecology of the northwest Atlantic grey seal (Halichoerus grypus).


ball Jessica Diduch - Analysis of fatty acid signatures in invertebrates: Sources of variability.
ball Natalie MacLellan - Site fidelity in female grey seals on Sable Island.
ball Amber Legere - The optimal diving theory in foraging harbour seals Phoca vitulina.
ball Jenny Beachler - Dive shape classification: the effect of age and sex class on the diving behaviour of harbour seals.
ball Jane Marcus - Effects of meal size on otolith recovery from fecal samples of grey and harbour seal pups.
ball Merilee Temple - Diving behaviour of adult male harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) during the breeding season on Sable Island, Nova Scotia.

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